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Good Start, Poor Finish

For today’s presentation we went back many years to the reign of King Asa. 2 Chronicles 14:1-7 and 16:11-14 showed us how he started good but finished poor. Here follows the steps King Asa took. He started right. Asa stared his reign at a very young age and he started well. He walked right. 2…


Who Are You?

We as born again believers are ambassadors, but what is an ambassador? An ambassador is a representative sent from one state to another with the full support of their sending authority, which in the case of a Christian is God. Ambassadors have the favor of God. E.g. Daniel had the favor of God to interpret…


How Are You Performing Your Duty?

Our duty as humans is to fear God and keep his commandments. This is based on Eccl. 12:13. What does it mean to fear God? Let us have a look.  The meaning of fearing God.  Fear means dread, terror, unpleasant emotion caused by anticipation of awareness of danger. An awe inspiring reverence. Hebrews 10:31, Luke…

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    NCCLC 8 Speakers

    The same way that there are attributes that come with being a lawyer, policeman, fireman there is a definition of leader and how he should act.

    Dr. Paul Cannings Pastor

    Reaching the young people of this generation is not like before; they are more sophisticated now, than before.

    Pierre Cannings Youth Minister

    We live in an age of change; it is important that we are  aware of these changes and make the necessary adjustments.

    Keithly Saunders Pastor

    When coming to the throne of grace, one has to first deal with his/ her sin life- for God is Holy.

    Alvin Marshall Pastor

    Little involvement in the work results in little increase in the Work.

    Jerome Martin Pastor

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